The Corvus family has been one of the most respected in the land for generations, producing great men and women of business before culminating in me, Nyla Corvus, daughter of Lady Galina Corvus and Sir Iain Ulworth of the equally-respected Ulworth clan.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

I grew up on my family’s estate , with the best education money could afford (the source of my poise and excellent social manners, naturally) with occasional visits from eminent relatives and the well-heeled in society. All was well with the world…until Sir Iain learned that I wasn’t his daughter. My own mother had been a degenerate, and had had a…a ‘fling’ with someone of questionable lineage!

I was only half the noble I thought I was, and Sir Iain was furious. He cast me out, with only a paltry sum of money (just one-fourth of his estate!). On my own at the tender age of twenty, I was nonetheless able to maintain a semblance of civilized life. The Corvus name and years of song and dance lessons got me into a highly-regarded bardic college, and my money funded a series of delightful social events.

Then, in my last year at the college, the money ran out–I’d bought my last perfumed pheasant.