Title: Western Guns 2: Sheriff’s Law
Developer: Zykaya Co. Ltd., Glowbe USA
Publisher: Glowbe USA
System: Phonos FunSystem
Release Date:
NA: August 22, 1997
EU: March 29, 1998

The Phonos FunSystem proved to be nearly as popular in North America and Europe as in Japan, and as a result Glowbe USA localized the game for both markets in 1997-1998 as Western Guns 2: Sheriff’s Law. Other than a slightly dodgy translation, the game was largely identical to Seibu no jū aside from a few minor changes. The priest character, Pope, was altered to a “philosopher” to avoid offending religious sensibilities, and the “Whorehouse Missions” on Disc 2 were dummied out (though still present on disc and fully translated).

Western Guns 2: Sheriff’s Law sold more units in North America than all previous games in the series combined, and sales in Europe were strong as well. So many copies were printed, in fact, that it remains available for less than $10 in North America to this day.

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