“Y-you can’t bribe me!” Taylor cried. “You’re trading illegal items, stolen items, and something has to be done!

“And you think that you are being a big man, by refusing my money? Let me tell you something, Mr. Taylor. You are a very small man. You run a small facility far away from anywhere important, and your superiors do not give a shit what happens here, as long as they get their money and the customers are satisfied.”

Taylor simmered, arms stiff at his sides.

“Do you wish to do something about this? Then take my money, Mr. Taylor. Look the other way. Use it to buy yourself something to down your sorrows in, or perhaps use it to escape from this place. It is of no consequence to me. Do not, however, presume to interfere with me. I will not hesitate to defend my business, Mr. Taylor, and that is something you most assuredly do not want.”