Like what you see? Purchase a print or ebook version and be covered in case of sudden internet failure!

The print version includes:
– 200 of the best excerpts from 2010-2012, fully revised and edited
– Exclusive rich textual notes for each excerpt
– Detailed, exclusive biographies of each nonexistent author
– Brand-new foreword by the author and introduction by the EFNB editorial staff
– Available as both a Kindle eBook and a handsome 6″x9″ paperback

Get the Kindle eBook version for only $2.99
Get the 6″x9″ paperback only $12.99


2 Responses to “Purchase Goodies”

  1. I must say, I am now the proud owner of the paperback edition of this book.

    It really is fantastic. It’s lovely. It’s creative. Let’s combine all those words into one.

    It’s fanlovetive.

    This book is fanlovetive. I shall keep it on my coffee table for all to read every time they come over. It’s small bite sized little views into nonexistent stories is quite filling and leaves behind a distinct citrus aftertaste.

    Seriously, great job.

    1. alexp01 Says:

      Wow, thanks! In addition to the very kind things you had to say about my writing, yours is my first confirmed sale to someone who I’m not in a position to guilt into buying 🙂

      I’m really glad you like it, and thanks for leaving such a nice comment!

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