Pride, lust, greed, envy, anger. If ever these traits had manifested themselves in a single person it was Bernard Orleans. Mick vividly remembered the first time they’d met: he’d been hurrying to his office on the first day of work when he rounded a sharp corner and ran headlong into someone going the other way.

“Oh! Oh, I’m so s-”

The man he’d run into—short, wild-haired, broad-shouldered—cut Mick off, pushing him to the wall and holding him there with an arm on each shoulder.

“Explain yourself! I’m not used to being attacked, least of all in my own office!”

“I…sorry…was…accident…” the shock of the impact and assault had left Mick scrambling for words.

“Hah! In my experience there’s no such thing as accidents—only deliberate injuries and incompetence! So which were you guilty of, eh boy?”