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Song: “Can’t Take it In” by Imogen Heap

At that early hour, the beachfront was stunning. White sand so fine it was hard to believe it hadn’t been raked stretched to either side of the path’s opening. There were no footprints, no docks, no boats, and–being the leeward side of the island–no debris. The travel agent had been right about the island being an unspoilt paradise; his mistake had been to only talk about the resort.

The warm early morning sun through the clear water cast a mosaic of light on the beach as it sloped away into the abyss, and the water and sky met on the distant horizon, delineated only by a wall of cloud that might have been a storm. If not for the twenty-minute hike and the lack of waiters serving drinks, it would have been the perfect place for the wealthy power couples infesting the resort to lose a couple of hours.

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