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Song: “Dreaming” by Bruno Coulais

Chris had dreamed of meeting someone, or re-meeting someone, at the resort. It had been a naive hope, a young person’s hope, but Chris had clung to it nonetheless, even as the resort side of the island proved to be overrun with the sort of people that didn’t really seem worth meeting. The other members of the group surely disagreed, quickly vanishing into pools and bars and chatting up air-headed sun worshipers or drinking with business tax exiles and the wives they’d seemingly constructed out of strips of leather. The other side of the island was more authentic than any of that – you didn’t need a daiquiri to take the chintzy edge off.

Maybe that’s why the note, tucked under Chris’s door last night, seemed like such a blessing. It was terse, unsigned, and as romantic as one would expect from a postcard or a B-rate movie:

Meet me on the leeward side of the island tomorrow at 8. Take the middle path from the resort and turn left at the masseuse. Got something to show/tell you, something you won’t want to miss.