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Song: “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith

In the rational part of his mind, Greg knew that he ought to arrest Spanky, to haul him and his floozies to the mainland. The locals might keep to themselves, but even they would have to act when faced with the corpse of Eddie Willow, assistant manager of Club Ecstasy and deputy sheriff.

Rationality, though, was out of the question.

With his murdered friend’s blood on his shoes, Greg Garretson went in with his finger on the trigger.

The remaining revelers who hadn’t slunk away to sleep it off parted when they saw his drawn revolver, but Spanky and his girls remained seated. Their hands caressed guns as tenderly as they’d caressed each other earlier.

“You know why I’m here,” Greg hissed.

Yes, but do you?” Spanky countered. “I was wrong about you, Mr. Garretson. You may be of use to us after all.”

The girl on Spanky’s right began to raise her gun. Instinctively, Greg fired. She went down hard, spurting blood—too much blood for a girl of that size and anorexic complexion. There was little time to dwell on that fact, though. The other girl made the same mistake, and joined her companion on the floor with nine grams in the shoulder.

Excellent, Mr. Garretson. You’re just what he needs. And I had begun to despair of finding anyone at this late hour.” Cryptic as ever.

Spanky’s next words, though, were short, pithy, and very much to the point. He fired, striking Greg through the heart. The resort detective collapsed, adding his blood to that already spattered on Club Ecstasy’s floor.