The Leaning Tree has been slowly tilting over the years as the sandy soil to its northwest subsides. It has but a decade or less left in its long life, and it knows this. It puts desperate seeds to the winds, hoping to compensate for a life cut short with many strong and upright children.

The Twisted Tree came from a bad seed, warped as it grew both by the poor soil and a stillborn twin that died when it was but a twig. One would expect this to breed a most bitter wood, wormy and weak, but in fact the Twisted Tree has the strongest flesh of all its compatriots. It must, for a consequence of its nature is that its seeds are infertile and will never bloom, and it has quietly resolved to live forever as a result.

It is remarkable that the Twins, seperated by 100 yards, both tilt into the wind at exactly the same angle. What’s more remarkable is that they are actually the same tree: born of different seeds from different parents, their root systems have found each other and merged deep in the topsoil. They share nitrogen, nutrients, memories. Their children are a perfect mix of the two.

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