“Okay,” said Jen. “I was able to splice together a connector and get the RB-1 to dump its raw data to my laptop. I’m running it through some things to put the machine code into a usable form.”

Yuri laughed. “It’s all gibberish to me. My skills are in the areas of keeping warm and making meals.”

“Just keeping warm and making meals?” Jen said.

Yuri opened one of his packs and removed a pistol. “Among other things,” he said, inserting a magazine and racking the slide.

“What do you need that for?” cried Jen, alarmed.

“Bears. Wolves. Humans who overestimate their importance.”

“Do you really think we’ll meet any of those?”

“Until the helicopter comes back, I don’t intend to take that chance,” Yuri said. “What do your things say about the machine code?”

Jen turned to her screen. “Two plaintext messages encoded by the RB-1’s standard software. I can’t read them though, since they’re in Russian.”

Yuri pocketed his gun and leaned over. “Pomogi nam. My idem. Oni idut.”


“Help us. We are coming. They are coming.”

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