The Dust Weavings

There are five main staircases in the Hotel Palmerston, one for each wing and two in the main body. Guests don’t use them much, and neither do staff, since who wants to crawl up 25 flights to get to the topmost floors? But they are maintained anyway, after a fashion, for fire reasons.

Stairways 1-3 and 5 are pretty unspectacular. They’re lit, but the linoleum is decades out of date and we don’t bother hiding our patch jobs or spills.

Stairway 4 is different.

Oh, it looks the same as the others, but unlike the others, dust tends to accumulate there very quickly. There are always dust bunnies, and big ones, but over time they seem to migrate downward and accumulate on the landing in between the fourth and fifth floors. And there, in that dusty accumulation, you can sometimes see complex patterns.

Not like a footprint, or even anything symmetrical. Just a crazy winding pattern. It would be almost mundane if anyone had any idea how it got there.

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