We have been singing to each other for some time now. So much to understand, so much yet to be understood, more than my humble pen can write even as my ink grows thick and stubborn with cold. They came from beyond the orbits of the furthest planets yet known, further even than Planet X, from a great cloud of icy spheres that move in concert about our Sun. These great and distant brothers send their children to inhabit distant worlds and to experience an altogether different experience than the lonely void. But they know all to well not to appear where my wretched kind may find them and roll them off cliffs. So they manifest here, growing like gallstones, for a time and then shatter–as I have seen several shattered husks–and returning to the icy and luminous cloud beyond the furthest our telescopes can see for new and glorious incarnations as worlds of their own, beyond our experience and imaginations.

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