Fig. 32 – Human Gelatin Coating
One other product that can be rendered from the biomass is a very simple gelatin powder, made from collagen and to a lesser extent bones and skins. Harvested raw materials can be prepared by curing, acid, and alkali processes to extract dried collagen hydrolysate. Note: these processes may take several weeks, and minor variations in said processes can have significant effects on the properties of the final gelatin products.

Specifically, the manufacturing processes of gelatin consists of several main stages:

1. Pre-treatments to make the raw collagen ready for the main extraction step. This will remove impurities that may have negative effects on properties of the final gelatin product.

2. Hydrolysis of collagen into human gelatin.

3. Extraction of the human gelatin from the hydrolysis mixture. This can be done with hot water or dilutes acid solutions as a multistage process.

4. A variety of refining and recovering treatments are possible. They include: filtration, clarification, evaporation, sterilization, drying, rutting, grinding, and sifting to remove the water from the human gelatin solution, to blend the human gelatin extracted, and to obtain dried, blended, and ground final product.

Once the gelatin is prepared, its most typical use is in the creation of medication capsules. The human gelatin coating is particularly useful in large or oddly-shaped capsules, as it is naturally accepted and lubricated by the body. See Fig. 31 and Fig. 33 for further details.

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