The Amulet holds within it a terrible power, but none now living know what that power is. For it has the ability to remove itself from the memory of those who have held it and used it, and in this way the nature of its power has remained elusive to scholars.

One thing that is clear from the records is that the Amulet has a malign will of its own, much like the soulbound cogs of the Second Age, though whether this is an imprisoned or artificial will is unknown. The Codex Rexdet claims that the Amulet punishes those who have offended it by refusing to partake in its usual trick before vanishing: the removal of their memories of having owned it and used its terrible yet mysterious power.

The Codex says that those left in such a state have been driven quickly to madness and the taking of their own lives by the weight of their deeds. It takes as its source a rare survivor of such, raving for hours in an asylum and writing on the walls in her own blood.

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