‘Lady’ Simona Osborne
Age: 85
Occupation: Heiress

The Osbornes were the town’s richest and most well-connected family in years past, and their last scion is Simona, who still resides in Osborne House. She is the subject of much rumor and speculation and is something of an eccentric pariah, due in large part to the spectacular destruction of her marriage to John Covington, the owner of the now long-shuttered Covington Industries.

Some say there was a murder, others say there was a secret first husband, but what’s sure is that Simona withdrew from the public eye in the 1960s and has not been an active participant in civic life since. This is not to say that she is a recluse; she gives generously to the local animal shelter, buys Girl Scout cookies, and has been seen walking her many dogs. But the stigma and rumors are such that few approach her or her similarly aged butler, Josiah Washington.

Trivia: Simona has quietly kept up to date with technology. Though much of her house has fallen into ruin, she nevertheless has a 4K television, Netflix, and a fiber optic internet line. Most of the bandwidth is spent on dog videos, dog forum posts, and of course the full-4K resolution stream of the Westminster Dog Show.

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