AM 452: “Clearance, Air Mississippi 452 airways to Cascadia.”

Air Traffic Control: “Air Mississippi 452, you are cleared to the Cascadia airport via the Lester 2 departure, flight plan route, depart runway 6 left, squawk 0-5-4-4”

AM 452: “Roger that, tower, Air Mississippi 452 cleared to Cascadia, Lester 2, flight plan route, 6 left, 0-5-4-4. Air Mississippi 452 ready for pushback.”

ATC: “Air Mississippi 452, push at your discretion, call ready for taxi.”

AM 452: “Uh, tower? This is Air Mississippi 452, and we’re seeing an unidentified object in our taxi clearance.”

ATC: “Air Mississippi 452 roger that, can you clarify?”

AM 452: “Roger that, tower, we see a…I guess I would call it a snack truck? There is a picture of a taco chip bag on the side, tower, if that helps.”

ATC: “Roger that, Air Mississippi 452, hold at gate while we have a look. Airport police are responding now.”

AM 452: “Hold at gate, roger.”

ATC: “Air Mississippi 452, we have an update for you on that obstruction. It is a snack vending truck that does not have proper clearance, and it appears to be loading snacks onto Air Mississippi 848 to New Jackson.”

AM 452: “Roger that tower…loading snacks? Can you clarify?”

ATC: “Air Mississippi 452, airport police say the snack truck is refusing to move until they have loaded an order of cookies onto AM 848 to New Jackson.”

AM 452: “Say again, tower? Cookies?”

ATC: “Roger that, Air Mississippi 452, cookies. Repeat: cookies. Charlie Oscar Oscar Kilo India Echo Sierra.”

AM 452: “Uh, may I ask why, tower?”

ATC: “Air Mississippi 452, tower has statement from the skipper of AM 848 saying that he is, quote, sick of Biscoff, and that, quote, if he doesn’t get another kind of cookie stat, he will touch down in Tonga instead of New Jackson.”

AM 452: “R-Roger that, tower. Ah…is there any chance AM 452 could get in on some of that cookie action? I’m sick of Biscoff too.”

ATC: “Roger that, AM 452, tower and airport police have already put in orders for chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.”

AM 452: “I’m feeling about a two-hour delay here, tower.”

ATC: “That’s affirmative, AM 452, definitely a weather system inbound. Lots of hail, might chip something.

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