Do YOU have a thirst for thrills that can only be satiated by freshly-spilled blood? Do YOU ache to recapture the sounds, the scents, and the sensations of cold-blooded murder for hot-blooded reasons? If so, POST-MORTEM MILLS has the breakfast cereal for YOU!

Introducing new Type-Os: The Cereal for Serial Killers™!

Our startling new PLASMA-PAK™ technology helps each Type-O burst with the scent and flavor of REAL human blood! Activated by the mastication process, you’ll note a distinct tangy note of iron in among the sweet taste of high fructose corn syrup. And the bright red ichor, fading to dull brown only as it dries, will be visible in your smile for all to see!

And that’s just the cereal bits! Type-Os™ includes a fun variety of MARROW MARSHMALLOWS as well, combining the sweet taste you crave with the buttery texture of bone marrow that haunts your darkest dreams. Be on the lookout for Damaging Daggers, Gagging Garrotes, Chocolate Clubs, Pink Pistols, Red Splatters, and more!

Be sure to look out for boxes with the new POST-MORTEM MILLS MAIL-AWAY CLEAVER promotion, too! Just send in 5 box tops–one for every liter of blood in the human body!–plus postage in a SASE, and in 8-10 weeks you’ll receive your very own Type-Os™ branded meat cleaver from our friends at Carbide Steel! Honed to a fine edge, this cleaver pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh! Limited quantities are available, so ACT NOW!

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