Name: Shoda Yoshiko
Title: Divine Dancer
Weapon: Gunsen and Tessen

Shoda Yoshiko is of peasant stock, which explains why, despite her incredible talents, she has never been able to officially perform for the Emperor’s court or the Shogun. Nevertheless, despite originating with a farming family, Shoda was able to rise to favor by the most unlikely of means. Taken prisoner by bandits when her farmstead was raided, she nevertheless entertained the bandits enough with her natural movements that she was able to slip a concealed knife into the bandit leader and escape. Joining a group of touring musicians and entertainers, she used her increasing fame and pay to have a pair of war fans crafted, the Gunsen and Tessen, and trained extensively in their use. Despite being by far the youngest of the Seven Divine Crafters, Shoda is nevertheless unquestioned in the position since the death of Mukai Juro in Kyoto.

Name: Kataoka Natsuko
Title: Divine Singer
Weapon: None

Kataoka Natsuko’s background is almost entirely unknown, and even her name is likely an alias. All that can be said for sure is that she was either a friend or protege of Yonamine Mitsuko, the previous Divine Singer, and rumor has it that Kataoka killed her, possibly with nothing more than her voice. Scholars consider this impossible, naturally, though it has been suggested that Kataoka’s is able to hit a high enough note with her voice to pain and distract opponents. In combat, this is her modus operandi: using extremely high or low notes to bamboozle opponents and then to attack them with either her bare hands or a knotted silk scarf. Despite–or perhaps because of–this violent, mysterious, and dangerous reputation she remains in extremely high demand as a songstress.

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