Despite this, I continued reading the message:

The result of this is that people are distancing themselves from reality, from the glaring gap between what society tells them and what they know to be true. Thanks to digital information, people can choose which truths they’d like to believe and filter their input accordingly. A blog, a biased news source, message boards–people are creating their own truths out of whole cloth, based not on how things are but how they should be.

And thanks to our belief systems–that there is no objective truth, only personal truths–this mass of contradictory information grows. People withdraw into it, into their insular information communities where no one questions them. Nobody right, nobody’s wrong, nothing is deleted, and information ceases to evolve. It’s drowning us, forcing humans further apart. This proliferation of worthless information will destroy the fabric of our civil society–in fact, it’s already begun. You can see it in the evening news.

We’ve got to stop this decline and bring things back into equilibrium. People that can use computers and manipulate information are increasingly powerful in this new digital age, and it’s our responsibility to act. Garbage information has to be weeded out in favor of what’s truly useful to society and future generations. That’s what our new system is capable of, if we take it to its logical conclusion.

It was signed, simply, “The Firewall.”