Anna returned to her sketchbook. There was already something written on it, even though she hadn’t begun to draw yet.

Two words: Sara Dinch.

“What the?” Anna said. “I don’t know anybody called Sara Dinch. Heck, I don’t know any Saras at all, or any Dinches either.” Still, the words looked as though they had been written in Anna’s thin, flowing handwriting; she picked the sketchpad up to get a closer look.

As she did, a spider, larger than the others, fell off of the bottom of the sketchbook where it has been hiding. Anna gasped, and the spider quickly scurried under the bathroom door.

Anna didn’t relish the idea of having the critter surprise her the next time she was in there, and scooped up a small coffee can to go after it with.

“Come here, little guy…” she said. “ “I’m not going to squash you, just get you out of here.

She flicked on the light, and screamed.

A spider was not more than two inches from her face, dangling on an invisible strand of silk. It was lowering itself to the floor, but Anna, regaining her composure, trapped it in the coffee can.

The bathroom was crawling with bugs; the one from her sketchbook was in the tub, while two more were on the mirror and another worked on a web near the light. Anna scooped each up in turn, though the big one in the tub led her on a merry chase before she clamped down the lid.

“What do you want?” Anna demanded of the can. “What is it in my place that keeps you coming in here?”