“This is Vasily Albanov, a Russian as you might expect and the best forger in the city,” said Sedena. “He once crafted me a visa that let me cut through North Korea and Iran on the same trip.”

“To be fair, the Iranian border guard’s eyesight wasn’t so good,” laughed Albanov.

“And this is Constantine Retewo, our scrounger,” continued Sedena. “He’s a Lesbian and a veteran of just about every Middle Eastern conflict you can imagine. Scrounged for Hezbollah and the IDF in the same conflict.”

“I’m sorry…what did you just say?” Peter said delicately. “He’s a …lesbian?”

“Yes,” Retewo growled. “I was born on the isle of Lesbos. Do you have a problem with that?”

“I…well, it’s just that…it seemed…”

“Oh, I know,” said Retewo. “I know just what you thought. Those goddamn girly-girlies have stolen the good name of my island, and I have to hear the same damn jokes every time I am introduced! It is a good Orthodox island and a good Orthodox name!”

Peter drew back, startled.

“I love it when he does that,” Sedena said to Peter with a low-key smile. “Why do you think I don’t introduce him as a Greek?”