Call: Creation must occur in the Permeable Lands.

Response: Those with the gift may only cause tiny changes in the Impermeable, but within the Permeable Lands their power is multiplied a thousandfold.

Call: It is difficult to destroy the living.

Response: The living resist destruction and alteration with every fiber of their being, a force even the most gifted can rarely overcome.

Call: It is easier to create the inanimate.

Response: The living are magnificent in their complexity. To fashion one takes considerable skill and errors will be noticed. But how often does a stick not look like a stick?

Call: It is best to specialize.

Response: Grow skillful in creating one sort of thing, that you might trade it with others.

Call: Creation lies not in the details, but the whole.

Response: Once mastery of the gift arrives, creation may result in complexity of result without complexity of input.