Draque spread his arms wide. “Each squadron is named after a nasty predator: Viper, Shark, Hornet. This is Lion Hangar.”

“Guess ‘Fuzzy Bunny Squadron’ didn’t have much of a ring to it when it comes to striking fear into the enemy,” said Mayer.

“To the right enemy it would. The Dlrinians are such strict vegetarians that the very idea of coney stew would be enough to either scare them shitless or drive them into a homicidal rage. And rabbits are sacred to the Knidr, so it might just impress them.”

Mayer cocked his head. “Did you just make that up?”

“Parts of it,” Draque said.”Anyway, the name isn’t for the benefit of our enemies; it’s for the troops. If being called a lion makes them more useful as killbots, then we call ’em a lion.”