I parked between two black Jeeps of identical make, model and year today. Slotted right in between them. I have to wonder, when I see things like that, about the greater designs lurking behind such everyday coincidences.

Had they parked so near knowingly?

Lovers, maybe, with the cars representing a bond?

Rivals, each seeking to match the other blow for blow?

Or perhaps it was just a coincidence–two souls passing randomly over the asphalt, hewing to a familiar shape and color. But why the empty space?

Maybe they’d hoped for a third car to join them, to extend the coincidence into destiny.

Maybe a third car had already come and gone, leaving only the broken links of a chain behind it.

Or maybe, just maybe, they had hoped for a white Hyundai to sit between them, the ultimate contrast. Like ivory and ebony on a set of 88 keys.