“The Kirik Deep. Not particularly deep when compared with some of the great oceanic trenches, but nevertheless the deepest part of the ocean that isn’t an active or former subduction zone.”

Jenny fiddled with her microphone. “And…you’re sending a robot down there? One you built for the purpose?”

“Yes. We hope to collect some specimens of creatures living there, as well as a bit of diatomaceous ooze.”

“So…you’re going to an unremarkable part of the ocean to send a robot down, and you think that this qualifies as newsworthy?”

“Not unremarkable, no. No part of the ocean floor is unremarkable, but the Kirik Deep is part of the abyssal plain, not a trench, so the creatures there are subjected to pressures only a few orders of magnitude less intense but whose ancestors have not been subducted to that depth.”

Jenny switched the mike off. “I see. Well, we’ll be sure to let you know if the story runs.” She sighed to herself, wondering how she could spin something with such a low sensationalism quotient to her editor, if only to get reimbursed for coming all the way out to listen to a marine biologist prattle on.