From a series of clay tablets found in the ruins of a sacked and burned Roman settlement in northern Dacia.

As the local prefect, it was my civic duty to preserve the veneration of the gods and the deified Imperial luminaries. Ordinarily, the emergence of a local cult would have been of no concern, but devotees of this “Iotherne” claimed that their goddess had subsumed our deified ancestors to gain their knowledge and prowess, and that she would soon arrive to purge Rome from the borders of the land.

This led her followers to begin stockpiling weapons and desecrating temples, in addition to making them a direct threat to the hegemony of the empire. I’ve made preparations to have my men enter the nearby settlements and detain or execute anyone who venerates an idol of Iotherne that we have captured. I expect the operation to proceed smoothly, and

Text ends here abruptly