One Triznová Ionert u67 multi-phase assault rifle. Romanian manufacture, based on the Soviet KGPW, very reliable. Most people in the West are unfamiliar with the design, which makes it harder to trace. Uses the same cold-fusion storage battery as the KGPW and the American M32, good for 30 normal shots or ten charged. Ammunition should be easy to find.

One Deutche Völkselektrische 114b 100x precision computer-aided scope. The 114b is important; the newer 115 and 116c have a wireless link between the HUD in the scope and the micro targeting computer rucksack which is less reliable and subject to signal interference or jamming. The wire link from the earlier model is shielded and can be used with the updated computing units with a little modification.

One Anderson Futurics LLC accelerator coil compatible with the TIu67’s mounting bracket. The model with an internal battery or connection port to use the rifle’s power source is preferred, but one with an external source will do if necessary.