The world, all its creatures and aspects, began in a deep sleep.

Some say that the world had been brought forth by a powerful Shaper. Saddened by the actions of its creations, the Shaper had put them to sleep and withdrawn from the spheres of mortal ken.

Others maintain that the world has always been, and that it periodically falls into cycles of sleep and wakefulness. The sleep at the dawn of memory was therefore only the latest in a neverending cycle.

Still others claim that the sleep was an illusion, and that rather than waking the world was created. That doesn’t fully explain the actions of the Wakeful One, of course, but each of the theories has their own weaknesses.

What is clear–part of the collective memory of every living and unliving thing in the world–is that the Wakeful One was the first to rise, and that through toil and hardship on its part the rest of the world was awakened and made lively once more. It was with great sorrow that, at the end of its adventures, the Wakeful One revealed that eventually there would be another sleep. As a counterbalance to the wakefulness it had brought into the world, the Wakeful One would return to set the sleep in motion once more.