Vic Savage was born into a prosperous merchant family in a major regional center. However, his parents’ business was ruined by an outbreak of plague and they were essentially forced into the street, winding up with relatives in the bad part of town. He spent a large part of his late childhood and adolescence on the street, running with urchins and impromptu thieves’ gangs. Those pursuits resulted in an athletic and dexterous temperament, while his family’s fall from grace meant that he slipped easily into the role of a rogue and sometime thief, though their former station means that he prefers to steal from people he believes deserve it.

Somewhat impulsive, Vic tends to speak before he thinks, and often rushes into situations as well. While he’s quick to claim that he has a silver tongue he actually stumbles somewhat with words and has a hard time convincing anyone of his point of view. He’s also easily distracted and prone to daydreaming. His prosperous background means that he had a relatively good education as a youngster; he also tends to prefer gaudy and expensive clothes for that same reason.

Vic wears his dark hair short (to keep anyone from getting a handhold) and tends to be unshaven despite his pretensions to a more noble appearance. He is of average height.

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