My friend Miller Corvus is a stern and unforgiving man at first sight, but this exterior conceals a warm and caring individual.

Early in life, Miller renounced his title as a noble and became a templar’s squire, but he maintained good relations with his family regardless. For many years, Miller traveled with the Most Noble Order of the Glorious Sunrise, championing the causes of good and order throughout the kingdoms. We became good friends, he and I, the templar and the magister, even though the Order would have preferred otherwise. Eventually, he retired and set out for Westhope, where I settled after leaving the Order.

Miller’s watched his niece Nyla’s career with barely concealed disapproval, but when she came to his door unexpectedly, she and her companion Jinx were welcomed with open arms, though Miller has insisted that the two eventually repay their noble ‘benefactors.’ Or, rather, the people they’d been fleecing to make a dishonest living after the money ran out. They even wound up with a bounty on their head; when the hunter tracked Nyla and Jinx down, Miller nobly intervened, disarming the assassin and convincing her of the wrongness of her cause. Not many people would even attempt that, much less succeed, but that’s the force of my friend’s personality.

Humbled, the assassin–Sigma–requested to stay the night in Miller’s cabin, which he had built a short distance from my home. The old templar responded by opening his home to her and taking her on as a squire. He may be old–in fact, being two years his senior, I’m fairly certain he is–but Miller maintains his martial training and combat skills. And, lest you worry about the impropriety of a male master and female squire, his vow of chastity.

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