Mikkalsen would often show off his gear, particularly to the younger mercenaries that he often mentored. Most eventually asked about the 9mm crimson cartridge that he kept on a lanyard around his neck.

“That’s my red bullet,” Mikkalsen always said with a grin. “It’s enchanted never to miss, and I keep it for when I really need it.”

In the Kraithari Coup d’Eat of ’24, when Mikkalsen’s mercs were pinned down by artillery strikes being called in by a spotter on the ground, one suggested that he use the red bullet.

“I don’t really need it yet,” said Mikkalsen. He killed the spotter with a well-placed shot to the head with a normal bullet.

During the Siege of Ulmar-Kam in ’27, Mikkalsen was among the mercenaries pinned down at the docks by a sniper while the last ship out of town was casting off. Again it was suggested that he use his red bullet.

“I don’t really need it yet,” said Mikkalsen. The sniper was crushed by a shipping container that Mikkalsen dropped on him from a nearby crane.

In ’38, when bounty hunters from the Imar of Callicob were pursuing Mikkalsen with orders to bring him back for torture and dismemberment, the merc, injured by a broken leg and a bullet wound, sent his fellows on ahead.

“I need it now,” he said, removing the red bullet from his neck and loading it into his sidearm.

When the Imar’s men caught up with him, the found Mikkalsen already dead–with a single red shell casing on the ground next to him.

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