“It’s a transaction involving the Republic of Laeth.”

“Wasn’t that in the news?”

“You mean the civil war? The fact that it’s now the People’s Republic of Neolaeth?”

“Well, that would explain why the newscaster sounded so depressed. What’s that got to do with the Exchange? If the old government owed you money, or if you have any holdings in Laeth kwatlous, you can bring your bearer certificates or IOUs in and see what the market will bear. My advice? Get one framed, put it on your wall, and sell the rest as souvenirs or toilet paper.”

“You misunderstand me; I am negotiating assets for exchange scrip. The Republic of Laeth Navy.”

“Oh, some of the old navy made it out? We’ve been known to convert a skiff or two into currency to let people do their Exchange shopping. What’re you selling?”

“The Republic of Laeth Navy.”

“You told me that. Which ship?”

“The Republic of Laeth Navy. The whole navy. Four battlecruisers, six cruisers, ten frigates, twenty destroyers. How much will you give me for it?”

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