“Be gentle with Uncle,” said the young lady. “He hasn’t been the same since his patrol boat sank.”

“Mr. Kyubishev,” said Sena. “What can you tell me about the Hum?”

The old man, wrapped in blankets and fur, stared blankly ahead.

“They say the sound started around the time your ship sank,” Sena continued. “Only some people can hear it, but it’s driving them mad. Do you think your ship’s sinking could somehow have caused it?”

Kyubishev muttered something through lips and throat that sounded as if they hadn’t heard human speech in decades.

“What?” Sena leaned in closer, tape recorder at the ready.

“We heard the sound decades ago, on the ocean,” croaked the old sailor. “My girl didn’t cause it when she sank…she was sunk by it.”

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