The visible part of a transdimensional, interdimensional, inconceivable entity. Various species of Anglerlures have differently evolved lures for different kinds of prey throughout the multiverse and planes of existence. The reason for this is rather simple: matter is very rare in the places between places, the betwixt and the between, and so is thought. Anglerlures must prey on beings, and preferably sapient ones at that, with a proboscis-lure to maintain both their inconceivable mass and their inconceivable spirit in the face of total resource starvation.

As their proboscis-lures have generally evolved to resemble that of their preferred prey, one would expect Anglerlures on the various alternate Earths to be drifters, murderers, and the like–“people” in the margins of society preying on the weak and the helpless. And, indeed, some are. But not most. Rather, they prefer a steady diet of thought with the occasional supplement of flesh rather than the inverse, and it is in business and politics that they find their most ready sources. Not the high levels, naturally, as their lack of a past would become too much of a liability. Anglerlures active on multiversal Earths tend to be middle-level managers at corporations and the community organizers or protestors who often oppose them.

In both cases, the social structure allows–nay, demands–subservient adulation on the one hand and vehement hatred on the other. There are cases on record of Anglerlures engineering strife on both sides to engorge themselves on thought with occasional morsels of flesh, and such strife also promotes the creatures’ ability to find a mate. The particulars of the latter are largely unknown and mercifully so; what little data exists is so disturbing that it bears neither elaboration nor repetition.

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