Muolih, the Spreading Darkness, He Who Was Cast Down, was destroyed and scattered to the winds at the conclusion of the Greatwar. Though Muolih was forever a disembodied spirit gnashing at himself in the great everdark beyond, his defeat did not spell the end of his influence. There were his lieutenants, of course; foul fallen beings like Phonru the Devourer from whom the Creator had turned His loving gaze, but they were no more than shadows of Muolih’s power: minor warlords who could carve out a fief and little more.

Far moreso than any who sought to carry on his dark work, the great legacy of Muolih was in the servants that he left behind. The Goblins, or Gobs, are by far the most numerous and prevalent, having been fashioned by Muolih in his darkpits as a counterpart to the Fairies and Pixies who are bound to nature and the Creator. The secret of their origin has been lost to time, but Gob legend holds that they are the direct descendents of Fairies and Pixies who were won to Muolih’s cause and altered to serve his needs.

Bereft of purpose after their master’s defeat, the Gobs were nevertheless highly adaptable and intelligent and were bound to artificial constructs like metal and steel in the same way that Fairies were bound to nature. This long-ago loss and continued flourishing (after a fashion) has had an indelible effect on Gob religion and culture, which tends toward dualism and extreme privation as exemplified by the Code of the Gobs that most follow:

These are the laws of the People, known to some as the Goblins or the Gobs.

The People are stained with the sin of their creation and must therefore earn the right to all which they possess.

The People have no name, for as a people they have not yet earned one. Hence they must be referred to only by the names given to them by the Multitudinous Enemies.

The People must earn names and pronouns for themselves through their actions. Only the People who have earned a name will be remembered to their families and to history.

When a member of the People is defeated, or disgraced, they lose their name. It must be earned back through a trial equal to that by which the name was first won, or lost.

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