Jitney Motors, long renowned for its off-road vehicles, was forced into bankruptcy in 1986 after the overwhelming failure of its new upscale vehicle. The Jitney Islander rotten on the lots of dealers, and the high unit production costs ate up the profit from Jitney’s other models, forcing its sale to Chrysalis Motors and the continuation of the Jitney name as a brand only, slapped on rebadged Chrysalis Masticator trucks and vans.

Why had the Jitney Islander been such a failure?

The fault lay in the cont chosen for the Islander logo, painted on the sides and molded in chrome. The “s” in “island” was stylized as a flowing river with two bends…that gave the logo the appearance, which had gone unnoticed throughout its design and marketing, of being a “Jitney ßlander.”

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