(plural sweens)


(Brit) enPR: nûkl, IPA: /ˈswɪn/
(US) enPR: nûrkl, IPA: /swiːn/

Definition (Noun)

1. A person who is perceived as greatly attractive only by those who are too young, naive, or foolish to know better (informal, always derogatory).

Look at her, she’s such a sween since all the guys love her just because she rides a motorcycle and does drugs.

2. A person attempting to make themselves attractive by adopting the superficial mannerisms of a sween (slang, always derogatory).

John is such a sween, pretending to be all dangerous with that leather jacket and rub-on tattoo.

Definition (Verb)

1. The act of being attracted to someone or something that only a young, naive, or inexperienced person would be attracted to (informal, always derogatory).

Look at those stupid kids, sweening over that tattooed guy in the prison bus.


Unknown. Attested since 1961 as slang. Folk etymologies often refer to a person with the surname or nickname “Sween,” perhaps from “Sweeney,” who was an object of affection for many despite leading all admirers inevitable to ruin. If true, could be supportive of UK origin. The initialism “some women easily entranced now” or variants is almost certainly a backronym.

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