When it was all over, when the last screams died down, the Karkovsky Bros. Bear Circus had been liberated. The bears now rode their unicycles and wore their costumes for no master, as every last carnie had been mauled to death. As the revolution had occurred just after the tents had been pitched but just before posters went up in town, the locals left the rebellious ursids to their own devices, ignorant of their presence.

But all was not well within the circus now that the worker bears had risen up and seized the means of production. As they rode their unicycles and performed tricks for their own amusement, the bears well remembered the sting of the whip and the claustrophobia of the cage. The ringmaster loomed large over them even in death, and the bears took steps to placate him lest he return to take up the whip once more.

This is why wise travelers will give the old Karkovsky Bros. tent a wide berth. The bears will seize unwary travelers and smear them with greasepaint, dressing them as clowns before sacrificing them before the ringmaster. Mouldering in his throne where he was slain, the ringmaster is still feared enough by the bears that they make him regular offerings lest he return.

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