Bucephalus “Ransack” Roller Jr. was born to a blacksmith and cobbler in Henthigh, a highly urbanized region known for its strong drink, hearty food, and thick accent. As a lad, Roller helped his father Bucephalus Sr. in the arduous task of shoeing horses and forging tack, as well as pulling out the occasional errant tooth or setting the occasional broken bone. “Bucephalus” means “oxhead” in the Old Tongue, and it has a long and proud tradition in the Roller family; needless to say, Ransack hates the name and tends to threaten physical violence against anyone who uses it.

The nature of Buchaphalus Sr.’s work with animals and the occasional surgery was good training for an adventurer, exercising both body and mind. But Ransack never had much aptitude in the forge, and after a spectacular incident involving a horseshoe that became a tiny iron bomb, he found employment elsewhere as a bouncer and then a night watchman, where his strength and keen intelligence were both in demand.

When Ransack was about 18 or 19, the Kingdom of Henthigh fell to a revolution after a decade of misrule by the insane King Incitatus IV. The youth earned his nickname by leading a mob armed with clubs and tools to a nearby barracks and ransacking it for supplies to equip the rebels. Unfortunately, the rebel coalition fell apart at around the same time Incitatus did, and no sooner had they his head on a pike then they began infighting. Ransack, despite his valuable services, found himself blacklisted and was forced to look for work elsewhere.

After sailing from Henthigh, Ransack worked a variety of jobs: mercenary, schoolteacher, carny, prospector. Mercenary was the profession he defaulted to whenever his current venture fell through. He didn’t subscribe to any particular ideology or creed (though he remains a semi-devoted follower of The Traveller) he tended to sell his services to those on the popular side of uprisings or those outlying settlements abandoned by central governments. His early experiences taught him that the rich and powerful rarely tended to give the poor a fair shake, opting instead for a fair shakedown.

Ten years of job-hopping and mercenary work later, Ransack returned to Henthigh in an attempt to settle down once the People’s Democratic Republic of Henthigh got its act together. He brought with him a young wife he had met as a schoolteacher and wooed as a mercenary: Tabitha Hye. Ransack and Ms. Hye-Roller had twin children while he made an attempt to make an honest settled living in Henthigh: Dyse Roller, a son, and Paynte Roller, a daughter.

Tabitha had expensive tastes, though, acquired in her homeland of New Guernsey. One day, Ransack returned home to find his wife and children gone, having packed up and abandoned him on a trampship without leaving a destination or forwarding address. In the ensuing twenty-odd years, he has attempted to find them from time to time with no success. Both Dyse and Paynte would be about 21-22 years old now; their father did his best to train them in the ways of combat and hostage negotiations before they disappeared.

Ransack is tall and sturdily built, with a receding hairline that he caps off with a salt ‘n’ peppa ponytail (more salt than peppa) as if to show that he can grow all the hair he wants, he just can’t get it to take direction. As a man in his 50s, he wears spectacles: a pair of pince-nez bifocals for close work and a much sturdier pair of wrap-around-the-ear combat glasses for scrapes. Damage to the combat spectacles gives him -1 to his, destruction of the same confers a -4. Damage to the reading spectacles gives him a -1 to perception and charisma rolls, destruction of the same confers a -5 to perception and a -2 to charisma. He tends to wear a many-pocketed wasitcoat over shirtsleeves and keeps a neatly-trimmed mustache and goatee.

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