The Fire Rescue squad pulled up just as the bucket brigade had begun to beat the flames back. “Hold it!” cried their chief. “Back away from that blaze!”

The bucket brigade meekly did as it was told, knowing that there was little point in interfering with professionals like the Fire Rescue squad. Deploying, the squad took up positions surrounding the conflagration.

At the chief’s word, they began to douse the flames with kerosene, butane, coal, and matches. It sputtered and smoldered for a moment as the last of the bucket brigade’s water evaporated away, then coughed forth with renewed vigor.

“How are you feeling?” asked the chief, laying a hand that was made of glowing semisolid magma upon the shoulder of the fire elemental that had been rescued from death at the hands of the bucket brigade.

“I think I’ll be okay,” the elemental, a salamander from the Quasi-Elemental Dimension of Ashes, said. “I just need to finish burning up this city block and get my appetite back.”

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