“I don’t want to bother with flight plans or cargo manifests or all that jublub,” said Jai.

“All that what?” said Myassa.

“All that jublub. You know. Stuff. Crap.”

“From the context it’s clear what you meant, Chandrakant,” Myassa said. “I’m just reacting to the word you used to convey the concept.”

“Is the language I use really of that much concern to a security officer?” Jai said, flustered. “You’re kind of undermining my authority as captain here.”

“Two things, Chandrakant” Myassa said, stabbing a pair of fingers into the air. “First, you’re not the captain. You’re the owner. There’s a difference. Get used to it. Second, you undermined your own authority the second you uttered the word ‘jublub.’ What language is that, even?”

It’s just something my father used to say,” replied Jai. “Don’t worry yourself about all that jublub. It’s probably Hindi or something.”

“Oh no, I’ve heard Hindi and that ain’t Hindi.” Myassa jutted her chin forward, pulling her hijab forward when it threatened to come loose. “Hey, doc! What language would you say ‘jublub’ is?”

Dr. Strasser looked up from his workstation. “It is not a word found in any dictionary or any of the tongues of man,” he said in his deadpan way, such that Jai couldn’t be sure is the old geezer was joking.

“Taos, do you concur?” Myassa said, clearly relishing the interplay.

“Collating.” There was a pause as the ship’s AI considered its response. “No matches found in database query, Ms. al-Thurayya. When I have recieved permission to access the planetery data networks I can conduct a more thorough search.”

“That won’t be neccessary, Taos, thank you,” Myassa said. “And how many times do I have to tell you to call me Ms. bint Leya bint Raaheel al-Thurayya?”

“I am sorry, Ms. bint Leya bint Raaheel al-Thurayya,” said Taos in his flat affect.

“So, in addition to mocking my speech and undermining my authority as captain you’re deliberately confusing my poor old AI, al-Thurayya?” said Jai.

“You knew there would be consequences when you used the word ‘jublub.'”

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