Avaricea, the Fel Demoness of the Seventh Sphere, had a varied portfolio of infernal interests over which she had at least patial control. She was the underdemoness of filth, for instance, associate overlord of rudeness, and princess of pettiness. Those who, knowingly or not, held Avaricea as their infernal patroness were largely lackluster people whose hatred of their jobs and their lives was reflected in shoddy quality-of-work and watercooler dictator tendencies.

As with all the fel demons of the various spheres, Avaricea enjoyed sojourns on Earth to practice what she preached. Like all creatures of her ilk, precipitated from the nauseating worst of humanity’s transgressions in the damned depths of the infernal realm, she had no set form. Many of her contemporaries used this mutability to assume eye-pleasing or impressive Earthly forms; while Avaricea did appear as such when she had something to gain, her portfolio was more interested with other sundries.

As such, her favored form was that of an old, ugly, grumpy, grimy janitor, one who invariable made things dirtier and slung dirty language at any who were irksome. Wor betide anyone who sought out her damned janitorial supply closet, for theirs was a one-way ticket to the trash mines of the Seventh Sphere’s Repository of Infinite Refuse.

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