The Kingdom of Pexate was founded in year 776 of the Old Calendar by Eyon of Anselm, a knight in the service of the Crimson Empire. He led a large band of surviving men-at-arms after the disastrous Battle of the Three Rivers in which the Emperor was killed and the lands his army defended overrun. Rather than lead his men and camp followers back to the collapsing Empire, Eyon instead carved out a kingdom of his own, at the strategic confluence of the River Pex and the Toothful Bay.

The lands were mostly inhabited by gobs, who Eyon defeated in a series of pitched battles. Unlike many of his fellows, he did not massacre the gobs after defeating them, but had each band acknowledge him as suzerain. The city of Simnel was founded as a fortified keep to defend the river mouth, and in time grew large and powerful from trade. Before his death, he engaged the services of magicians fleeing the chaos of the Empire to craft him an heirloom: the Purposeful Blade. Made with a bird-of-prey motif to comemmorate his family’s humble beginnings as falconers, it would only shine brightly in the hands of one of Eyon’s line, and shine brightest in the hands of the worthiest to rule.

In this way, he forestalled a succession crisis and upon his death his youngest son took the throne, being judged by the sword to be the worthiest of the king’s nine children. King Eyon I recognized the importance of economic strength and spent much of his reign building up the first of the famed Pexate Trade Fleets. His son and successor Eyon II followed this policy and also carved out a buffer of petty kingdoms under Pexate suzerainty to help defend their gains.

Eventually, the powerful House Lambert married into the royal line, bringing with it the former kingdom of Aloc. The enlarged Kingdom of Pexate was henceforth ruled by House Anselm-Lambert. Over time, the Purposeful Blade was seen less and less, until it appeared only at coronations. About 500 years after Eyon I, in OC 1204, Pexate endured a series of child kings and regencies. None of the three kings from Eyon III to Thurlford II lived to the age of 18, Pexate being instead reigned by a series of regents. King Thurlford III was the first to break this streak, and he fathered a single son with his consort after coming to the throne after his nephew Thurlford II’s death.

Thurlford III died only six months after his son Eyon’s birth, leading to the declaration of yet another regency. His distant cousin on his mother’s side, Lord Uxbridge, was elected regent. However, when the news of young Prince Eyon’s death broke a few months later, Uxbridge was crowned king of Pexate as Uxbridge I. Many suspected him of murdering the young heir, whom many called Eyon IV even though he had never been crowned.

It has been said that if Uxbridge exercised half of the statecraft in being king that he had in becoming king, Pexate would have entered a golden age. Instead, King Uxbridge proved to be a weak and ineffective ruler, incapable of commanding the loyalty of anyone who was not related to him. Thus began Uxbridge’s Anarchy, a period of unsettlement and strife where the various lords of the land increasingly asserted themselves against the crown.

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