“Okay, the category is Science, and the question is: Does Uranus have an aurora?”

“Hahahahaha! I don’t know, I’ve never checked! Bring me a mirror and give me a minute in the bathroom.”

“Fair enough. The answer is yes, but something tells me it’s mostly methane. Next card, History category: What did Dick Tuck do to Richard Nixon’s Chinatown train?”

“HAHAHAHAHA! Oh. My. GOD. Is that really someone’s name? How can you have a name like that and not change it? I have no idea what happened when he ran a train on Nixon, and I don’t WANT to know!”

“Card says that…he waved the train out of the station before Nixon was done. Ahem. Your turn. This one’s Arts Literature: At what time did Wee Willie Winkie run wild through the town?”

“This is starting to get a little spooky. Is it just me, or is this one SERIOUSLY perverted game of trivia?”

“Copyright 1984, but published in a factory built on an old Hustler Magazine burial ground.”

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