Lapur Xianuende, an elven engineer formerly in the employ of Baron Hecoran, and Sustrai Xianuende, a dwarven mercenary hired to protect Hecoran Keep as the Baron consolidated his forces for a confrontation with his neighbor Baroness Ioxus. They met and fell in love, which resulted in the expulsion of Lapur from his family and the blacklisting of Sustrai from her unit. Forced to make ends meet as they could, the pair ended up fleeing into the wilds of northern Hecoran where they fell in with the bandit leader Mtos. Despite their circumstance, they managed to have seven children in four sets of twins:

Mailu (age 15)
Favoring his father, Mailu is already taller than all of his siblings at 15 but has inherited his mother’s incredible swarthiness with a growing beard that will one day be the envy of many a full-blooded dwarf. His strength and height have found him work as a longshoreman on Pexate’s rivers, felling trees even at his young age. He harbors a dream to become a soldier, though he lacks the money and martial skill to do so.

Harro (age 15)
Mailu’s twin, Harro favors his mother and has never grown any taller than her. Despite this, he has the slim build and features of an elf, and appears very like a rare halfling of Daqin, a people like the ogres and trolls on the verge of extinction. As such, he has joined a treveling carnival under the name “Arqin the Last Halfling from the East” and currently tours Pexate. His parents consider this a phase that he will grow out of, failing to see the unintentional pun therein.

Gezi (age 20)
Gezi favors his mother, being of average dwarvish height and build but with his father’s dazzlingly blonde and straight hair and delicate ear-points. Even so, he lives as a full dwarf in the settlement of Noaad near the Pexate-Layyia border and writes only occasionally of his work there as a miner and prospector.

Alkate (age 20)
Gezi’s twin, Lantza is between her parents’ heights, on the short side of the elven norm, with ears that are semi-pointed and wavy brown hair. Unable to fit in with anyone but her parents, she serves their band of bandits as a scout and a courier, gathering supplies and passing messages. She finds the work quite thankless and is rather desperate to find another elf-dwarf hybrid of similar appearance so that she can feel a greater sense of belonging.

Brankan (age 25)
Living in Toan, Brankan is studying to become a Priest of the Sepulcher under the Bishop-Baron of Toan. On the short side but still rather taller than his mother, his dwarf-like thick bushy blonde hair allows him to hide his delicately pointed ears and pass for human, while his taking of the cloth as a celibate man of the Creator will serve to disguise his inability to have children. Far and away his parents’ favorite, his studious and dull personality is constatntly held up as an example for the others despite the fact that Brankan clearly wants nothing to do with his parents.

Zaldi (age 25)
Brankan’s twin, she favors her father and has an elflike height and build with her mother’s black and curly hair and semi-rounded ears. Though she could pass for human, she instead lives as an elf and works as a waitress and occasional actress in the Elf Quarter of Aiov in the Barony of Varrett. The money she sends home does not make up for her parents’ stern disapproval of her lifestyle.

Lantza (age 30)
The sole survivor of Sustrai’s first difficult pregnancy; her twin Daic was stillborn. As tall as her father, but with her mother’s stout build, she is a mercenary in the city of Simnel and moonlights as a wrestler in the city’s famous but illegal Mud Pits. Despite the fact that she is an elf-dwarf hybrid and cannot have children of her own, her lack of a husband continually bedevils her parents who are always writing her with suggestions.

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