Argentsail the Dispossessed
The far-flung Island of Anpok is nearly a thousand miles out to sea, and was undiscovered until a goblin longboat was blown off course in a storm and into Anpok’s small harbor. Its captain, exploring the area, found the veins of argent silver which saw the island go from uninhabited to supporting a population of 2000 miners within five years. He was able to sell the title of the island to the crown of Layysia in exchange for a tidy sum every year. This provided him with a good income until the crown, on trumped-up charges, ceased payment. In retaliation, Argentsail sold a quitclaim to the King of Pexate and guided an invasion fleet to oust the Layyians. Thus it was that Argentsail became (technically) dispossessed, yet maintained his name.

Ryntap Rawfingers
Musician, storyteller, and itinerant bard, this goblin composed ballads on the ryntap, the traditional goblin lute-drum. His epic stories, told in song and verse, were the life and times and family history of Mycnu Rollfall, a mighty goblin warrior. Named for his ability to roll with the punches and think on his feet, Mycnu Rollfall was a goblin living in what became the Kingdom of Pexate in the time of King Eyon I and leading a band of his fellows against the incursion of the King’s conquest. His exploits won him the respect of his adversary but did not spare him from death in furious battle. Playing his fingers raw while spreading his ballads, Ryntap won his name and reknown. The only detail, which never seemed to bother Ryntap or his listeners, was that Mycnu Rollfall (and his lovely mule wife Nyubl) never existed at all.

The Stitchwound
Anatomist, healer, and all-around doctor, The Stitchwound tended to the wounds of both sides of the catastrophic Battle of Buckethill, earning his name for saving the life of a baron by stuffing his wound with maggots and stitching. As legendary for his insults as he was for his healing, The Stitchwound would likely have earned a name for himself when he told the Crown Prince that “he was not afraid of a man who took ten years to learn his alphabet.” Later, when attending to the Baron Varrett, the Baron’s son worried that his father would be poisoned. “Have no fear,” The Stitchwound told him, “for no man in Varrett would take away your father’s life to make you baron.” Spurning any other names, he insisted on being known only as The Stitchwound (with an integral article) until his death tending to a goblin chief during a raid across the border of Layyia.

Tpaukep Skinpeeler
When the famous Amber Crown of Layyia was stolen by gutsy brigands from the Crown Jewels, the King of Layyia brought together the best trackers and minds in his kingdom to try and see to his treasure’s return. A goblin answered the call, certain that her methods of deduction were superior to those tried by the better-known and more expensive hunters. The royal steward derisively let her try. Realizing that it had to have been an inside job, the goblin tracked down where every single person with keys had been the night of the theft. The only one with no alibi was kidnapped and interrogated with a flayer’s knife; it only took one arm peeled like a potato for him to divulge his accomplices. The goblin then tracked the thieves using the same methods; the last purpetrator reportedly lost every inch of skin on his torso before he divulged the crown’s location. Tpaukep literally means “yellow-stone,” amber, and “Skinpeeler” explains itself.

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