The largest human settlement in the Caldera, Vallia is set around the famous hot springs of the same name. Legend has it that a nymph lives in the spring, imparting healing properties to it, and the Baths of Vallia have made immersion in the spring the centerpiece of the town’s economy. The Baths are frequented by the wealthy elderly from Ulat and further south, with some traveling untold leagues for the privilege.

Another attraction is the Demon Arms Inn, a well-kept place of lodging and drinking that has been in the Gora family for generations. Gora the Seventh is currently the proprietress, catering mostly to people wishing to use the hot springs, but there is one other major attraction: Iazgu the Flayer. A demon from the underworld, Iazgu attempted to conquer the far-off outpost of Beamcog but the founder of the Gora line was able to capture his soul gem and bind him to service. Iazgu currently serves as the tireless server and chambermaid of the Demon Arms, and attracts visitors who have never seen such a being before.

Vallia is governed by a Council of Notables, who choose from among their number a Mayor. The qualifications required are somewhat murky–it’s been said more than once that the only way to become a member is to seat yourself and be powerful enough that the guards too frightened to remove you. The current Mayor is Derex Freehold, a major landowner in the farmlands around the city. Other notable members include Gora the Seventh, Kalto Hearthfire the dwarven owner of the general store, Zero the elven smith, Namidine the halfling proprietress of the hot springs, and Ockham the orcish chief of the city guards.

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