Devtpo – A large but sparsely populated barony in southern Pexate known for its peaks, straddling as it does the Gambeaux Range that helps divide Pexate from Layyia. Its remoteness and solitude have led the Sepulcher to establish many monastaries there. Due to the danger from marauders and Layyian raids, most of the monastaries are fortified and manned by guards, doubling as fortresses.

Toan – A large city on the river, Toan has long been a gateway for shipping inland goods that come from the southern sea, as all but the largest boats can sail up the river to reach it. This gives Toan a cosmopolitan air and its marketplaces and back alleys are among PExate’s most powerful engines of commerce. As a barony, it is among the smallest, encompassing only the city itself and a bit of the surrounding countryside as a legacy of its former status of a Liberated City of the Crimson Empire. It is also ruled by a bishop rather than a baron, thanks to its status as a coveted prize and the Sepulcher’s reputation for neutrality

Exor – A barony in central Pexate, directly on the border with Layyia. It has been the site of many battles between Pexate and Layyia, and as a result has traditionally been allowed considerable latitude to defend itself. Known for its iron mines and high-quality steel, Exor blades have long been the arms of choice for the kings of Pexate.

Hecoran – A mostly rural barony in central Pexate notable for its many rivers and dense hardwood forests. Like Exor it borders Layyia and has been the site of many a clash between the two kingdoms. Its hardwoods are prized for furniture, and it also has many sites at which the components of gunpowder may easily be gathered.

Ioxus – A large barony in the plains of central Pexate and home of many herds of wild and feral horses. The capture, breaking, and training of hoses has long been its specialty, and Ioxans in general are known for their horsemanship. The barony provides heavy cavalry, scouts, and many other essential troops. It is also a matriarchal barony in that power passes from mother to daughter rather than father to son, a feature that Ioxus has carried over from its long-ago existance as an independent principality.

Gattne – A barony in northern Pexate consisting mostly of wild grasslands and home to the majority of sheep in the kingdom. Its vast herds of sheep have also made it a center of dyeing and weaving. The city of Bleachfield is particularly noted for its textiles, and its finery is famous throughout the land. Bleachfield has been the source of clothes for the Pexate court for centuries, the process behind their brillian “Bleachfield Crimson” a closely-guarded trade secret.

Varrett – A barony in the north of Pexate, notably covered by Greywacke Wood, the largest and densest forest in the kingdom. Its people are notoriously hardy warriors, most of them having hunted from an early age, and forestry is the basis for most of its economy. Notably, Varrett’s forests and fortified crags at Aiov and Ogre’s Reach have meant that it has never been conquered.

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