The Caldera’s massive eruption entered into folklore around the world, with many temples to the faiths the Black Year founded and vanquished built within. But the lands nearest to the great crater hold a very particular set of stories to be true.

The tale goes that the volcanic massif that collapsed into the Caldera was the site of an advanced but evil civilization, one skilled in the art of magic and the manipulation of their world. They embarked upon a great project that, it was felt, would harness the Deep Fire of the earth to generate intense and unlimited power–enough to make every member of that civilization, known from what few fragments survived as the Lihas, into a god.

Jovan was a general of the Lihas, and decided that the scheme, which would destroy the planet through a release of all its innate magical energy, was genocidal madness. With what few followers he could muster, Jovan was able to sabotage the Lihas’ plans through fierce combat and at the cost of his own life. Cast this way, the eruption of the Caldera and the destruction of the semi-mythical Lihas, was a blessing and a small price to pay for the continued existence of the world.

Jovan has since been hailed as a deity himself, and many temples dot the Caldera and the surrounding regions. It has never become a major faith, being outcompeted by many others in the settled lands to the south, but remains strong in Vallia, Ulat, and certain denizens of Welkor’s Light and Morinth’s Delving.

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