In the most dismal and squalid of hovels, offal pits, and other noisome locations, even rats may become entangled and perish. But when the fetid prize that they seek is so alluring that rats keep coming, keep dying, something altogether unnatural may occur.

The flesh and spirits of the vermin form a crucible, a psychic energy well that returns to and reanimates the conglomeration. While it has most often taken the form of a group of rats with entangled tails, the foul matter may take any form that it can maintain. With enough deaths, the gestalt creature can gain human or even superhuman levels of intellect and cunning, and command over rats in close proximity.

This has happened only 25 to 50 times in recorded history, but each time has been tremendously dangerous. This is the birthing of a Rattenkönig, a rat king.

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